Spring Mattress The Most Important Feature

- Aug 23, 2017-

Spring material quality mattresses The most important features include support, spring mattress elasticity, sturdy durability, spring is definitely the most critical role. Currently more familiar and popular style of the following six.

The traditional mattress is a circle of thicker diameter of the spring to steel wire connection fixed, high hardness, sleep hard, good support but the flexibility is less obvious, easy to involve, most of the older generation of domestic elders due to Living habits affect the use of more often connected spring bed, but if long sleep in a fixed position or sitting on the bed and the four corners, or no time to flip the mattress, spring mattress easy to cause depression and elastic fatigue.

Independent cylinder spring with non-woven or cotton cloth into a bag, and then glue or ultrasonic way close, the spring the number of laps that the higher the spring, the greater the degree of soft, lap 6 laps or 7 laps The maximum number of spring body arrangement is based on the size of the spring diameter, the smaller the inner diameter of the spring, the mattress is also harder. Independent Cylindrical mattress springs are not linked by wire buckles, but are individually "independent", even if the pillow people turn over the side of the movement, spring mattress does not affect the sleep of another person, while the average to withstand the various places throughout the body Stress, so that the body is not due to floating and sore, the so-called ergonomic advantages. Compared to the connecting spring, the independent tube mattress sleep is softer, but the excellent independent cylinder of its support and connecting spring is comparable.

Honeycomb independent cylinder for the independent cylinder mattress one type, the same material and practice, the general independent cylinder with a parallel arrangement, spring mattress the honeycomb independent tube special is to take a staggered arrangement, can reduce the gap between the spring to enhance the degree of support and flexibility Function, once again reduce the mattress surface of the pulling force, more close to the body curve, improve the average pressure sharing and sleepiness flexibility and elasticity

Every spring of the whole mattress is wrapped around a bed with a steel wire from the bed to the end of the bed, and is then connected in parallel to create a single line of steel mattresses, with the support force, the average force and the pressure dispersion. The most powerful of the spring structure. spring mattress High elastic spring wire diameter of 1.8mm, made of spring after the steel wire into a whole mattress, the choice of high-carbon steel high-carbon steel heating production, can bend 90 degrees without change, so with high resilience , And both Q soft elastic characteristics.

High-support independent cylinder for the independent cylinder mattress of a type of its process and arrangement and the general independent of the same mattress, but the use of the spring diameter of 2.4mm refining high-carbon steel, the number of spring designed to 660 (5 feet), spring mattress while maintaining a stable but not too soft sleep, is used to use the hard bed of consumers the best choice. Pure natural latex is made from rubber tree milk, rich in elastic protein. Before the latex solidification, the appropriate addition of air and vulcanization treatment, that is, foam, with high tension and excellent flexibility. Latex cleaning is not easy, spring mattress not direct exposure. If the sunshine, it is prone to yellowing, hardening.

Heat and breathable: natural latex with a porous, air bubbles at any time full of air, you can spare in the body when the heat and moisture, so that the body to keep fresh, spring mattress sleep quality naturally good.

Good elasticity: latex made by natural foam, porous structure so that bubbles are filled with air at any time, so excellent flexibility. Good support: composed of millions of bubbles, spring mattress can be an average force, so the body can disperse the pressure, especially the neck, waist and buttocks.

Comfortable (temperature): with the temperature increase or decrease, timely adjustment of the hardness of the mattress, sleep can be achieved when the best support effect, spring mattress reduce body pressure.

Stable and silent: unique porous spacing independent support design, can absorb the sleep flip, caused by the noise and vibration, so that sleep without interference. High durability: the latex is a natural oak made of fine foam, easy to elastic fatigue or deformation, spring mattress the correct use can be up to 10 to 15 years.

Safe non-toxic: heat will not produce toxic gases.

Natural environmental protection: 100% natural latex, with a comfortable nature of the mild nature, and skin contact will not be allergic, spring mattress there will be no pungent plastic taste. Latex is derived from natural plants, after several years or sun exposure 4-6 months, can be automatically decomposed back to nature, in full compliance with international environmental standards rules.