Simple Sofa Feel Free

- Aug 23, 2017-

In terms of home, the living room is the most common place where people together, simple sofa but also with friends and family to meet the most intimate space. The layout of the living room is related to the harmony of the family and the cultivation of interpersonal context. Living room layout must be done to maximize the use of space, then as one of the important furniture, the sofa is also placed, simple sofa there are skills to find.

We see a group of three people across the sofa, placed two with the same paragraph or dissident single sofa, they may be different in the body or color, simple sofa but on the basis of ensuring the overall unity can play Embellishment effect. This living room layout gives the impression that the more formal.

Larger living room space, the sofa is placed relatively casual. The largest sofa rests on the narrowest wall, which maximizes the use of space. The shape of the sofa can be slightly changed, simple sofa but in color must be done with coordination. Single sofa shape can be unique, creating a relaxed atmosphere of natural conversation.

The easiest function to return to the sofa is to provide a cushioned backrest chair. All kinds of selection, style design and color with, it will form a variety of style sofa. simple sofa This style of sofa design is relatively simple, the number of seats is generally single, double or three sofa. This type of sofa is more suitable for small families, without too many seats to meet the needs of daily hospitality.

General units larger family, a certain area of the living room, the corner sofa is relatively common. One can adapt to the needs of the living room, you can freely combine to adjust the placement of the location of the two more seats on the sofa are more suitable for large living room hospitality, simple sofa this can also highlight the living room atmosphere. And the corner part of the people can be half-lying rest, most of the family like the style.

Increase the storage function of the sofa, simple sofa is the storage sofa. The storage space is usually below the sofa mat.

Sofa pad and sofa body in the middle of a pneumatic rod, you can easily set the sofa pad, a larger storage space, you can place debris. Storage can be closed, simple sofa restore the status quo. This functional design can help the living room to accommodate, keep the living room clean; more suitable for the need to save space for home use.

Folding sofa, also known as multi-functional sofa, or sofa bed. Mention the sofa bed, most people can imagine the sofa can be turned into a flat bed, easy to operate. simple sofa And some folding sofa also comes with a coffee table, or comes with storage function, you can make the living room at any time as a room.

Stretched sofa is a new type of material sofa, you can stretch the stretch, more like a back chair. The principle of stretching the sofa is similar to the accordion, hence the organ sofa.

Kraft paper material and hexagonal structure design, simple sofa making the sofa can stretch contraction, according to the number of seats to adjust the length of the seat, you can also put a variety of shapes, such as round, S-shaped and so on. People can take out when used, after you can put away, do not take up space!

Sound sofa is actually on the basis of the sofa to increase the sound function, you can support Bluetooth playback, support iphone / ipod play, simple sofa support USB playback and charging. This function is unusual!

This type of sofa price is relatively high, simple sofa not only because the audio function, but also because the work of high material requirements, the use of leather fabric, the overall shape of luxury atmosphere, simple sofa more suitable for the pursuit of rich atmosphere home atmosphere of the family.