Palm Mattress Have Health Effects

- Aug 23, 2017-

Palm mattresses are divided into three types: soft mattresses, palm mattress  hard mattresses, soft and hard mattresses. Soft brown mattress more warm, suitable for winter use; hard brown mattress more refreshing, suitable for summer use; and soft and hard mattress is all seasons.

1, healthy. Natural brown silk and natural latex adhesive, palm mattress  exudes some fragrance.

2, comfortable. The mattress mattress is relatively mild and hard, in line with the international best standards in the comfort.

3, durable. There are N times the durability test, mattress can easily rebound, you can guarantee a few decades does not collapse.

4, fresh. With a three-dimensional network of the network-like structure, palm mattress  people feel a kind of cool and clean, no moisture no mold.

5, clean. Palm mattress is a special high temperature treatment, moth anti-bacterial.

6, environmental protection. Are all natural products, palm mattress  do not contain chemical ingredients, so you can sleep very practical.

7, quiet. With a high-tech mute design, palm mattress  allows you to sleep in a clean and natural environment to sleep.

8, science. Has a unique multi-point balanced force decomposition function, so that every contact in sleep can be uniform force.

1, look at the brand, want to buy the most healthy, palm mattress  most environmentally friendly brown mattress, you'd better go to the big stores to see the big brands, do not want to buy cheap brown mattress.

2, see glial, the current domestic brown mattress market, there are two kinds of coconut palm and mountain brown. They are only in the material of the hard and soft points, the quality gap is not big, distinguish the pros and cons of brown mattress mainly to see the use of glue. High quality mattresses are made of natural latex adhesives, and poor quality is the use of chemical adhesives, so mattress will taste. palm mattress  So in the purchase of brown mattress must smell the smell of it.

3, look at the appearance, to distinguish the quality of brown mattress There are some simple ways: "a look" that is to see whether the thickness of the mattress uniform, smooth surface, line marks symmetrical beauty, but also depends on mattress with or without certificate; Pressure "that is, palm mattress  hand pressure test mattress, the first test pressure mattress diagonal pressure, the balance of the mattress quality is better.

4, to see the thickness, brown mattress cool degree, comfort also depends on its thin thickness. With nearly two years of technical improvements, coconut palm mattress can also make different elastic mattresses. Coconut palm mattress size and thickness can be customized according to customer requirements, palm mattress  of which 12 cm for the common standard thickness.

5, to see the price, brown mattress according to the size and thickness of the division, the price of the price of the price from 400 yuan to 1,100 yuan and 2,500 yuan range, palm mattress  lower than the price of the above price is difficult to guarantee. So if you want to pick out a good palm mattress is the best choice to have branded palm mattresses.

In general, palm mattress  the palm mattress as an ordinary health mattress, in fact, the human body has a lot of benefits, if you prefer the more rigid mattress can choose a palm mattress, it is more natural than other mattresses.