Memory Foam Mattress Of The Craft

- Aug 23, 2017-

Now on the market with the memory of the mattress, Memory Foam Mattress is a lot of tenants in the choice of hot spots, and memory mattress, as a kind of foam mattress, in the selection of what is the standard? Today Xiaobian together with you Into the world of foam mattresses, Memory Foam Mattress let us learn how to choose a quality foam mattress.

Choose a foam mattress first need to look at the mattress process, because the mattress process is an important factor affecting the price of foam mattress, Memory Foam Mattress foam mattress production process can be divided into two broad categories, the following specific You introduce.

Cheaper foam mattress on the market, the general use of the production process is: cutting. This production is the whole piece of foam cutting molding, and this cutting method, Memory Foam Mattress making the density of foam uneven distribution, the use of the human body is not good.

The more expensive foam mattress on the market, Memory Foam Mattress the general use of the production process is: mold injection. This production method is made of mold, through the foam, vacuum and other ways made. Because of its production process is more complex, the price is generally more expensive.

The density of foam mattresses is also an indicator of the quality of mattresses. In general, high-quality foam mattresses must be high-density mattresses. Memory Foam Mattress The density of the foam mattress and the production of foam mattresses, raw materials and processes have a direct relationship, so the choice of foam mattress should be selected when the density of high weight heavy mattress.

Foam mattress, due to its material properties, Memory Foam Mattress has a good rebound effect, the human body lying on top, due to the rebound effect, will not let people feel the pressure of the mattress, so as to get a good sleep experience.

For the rebound effect, the rebound time is an important standard, foam mattress rebound time in 3-5s most suitable, time is short, can not achieve the effect of slow rebound, Memory Foam Mattress and rebound time is too long Less than fit the body, support the role of the body.

Temperature, but also in the purchase of foam mattress need to pay attention to, high-quality foam mattress, Memory Foam Mattress mattress surface for the temperature sensor is very sensitive, with the temperature changes, Memory Foam Mattress such as temperature rise, the mattress surface will become soft; The temperature of the mattress will become harder.

This prompted the tenants in the purchase of foam mattresses when the need for personal testing, the hand on the mattress surface, in the case of no backlog, Memory Foam Mattress high-quality foam mattress will appear fingerprints, and poor mattress will not The