Leather Sofa Good Environmental Performance

- Aug 23, 2017-

Leather is actually a generic, pig skin, horse skin, leather sofa donkey skin, leather can be used as a sofa raw materials, you must figure out what is the use of leather, just this one, you can remove the leather sofa, How much, the number of other dermis. In general, the thickness of the leather surface pores, density and distribution of the situation is to distinguish between cattle leather, leather, leather sofa Ma leather and sheep leather the main basis.

Cowhide, cattle leather and buffalo leather are known as bovine leather, but the two also have some differences, the surface of the leather surface of cattle leather is round, leather and leather, leather, leather, leather, leather, leather, Shape, more straight into the leather, leather sofa the pores are tight and uniform, arranged irregular, as if the stars, buffalo leather surface pores than the cattle leather coarse, the number of pores than the cattle leather rare, leather more relaxed, The leather is full and plump.

Pig skin: rough cortex, poor gloss, not suitable for the sofa, pig skin surface of the pores round and thick, more inclined into the leather. Pore arranged in three groups, leather surface showing many small triangle pattern.

Sheepskin: small skin, leather surface is fine, the pattern of regular, leather sofa feel flexible, sheepskin leather grain pores oblong, pores clear, a few groups, arranged in a fish scale, due to the processing of fabric adaptation often need to stitch, the impact Beautiful.

Ma: leather surface of the pores were oval, slightly larger than the cattle leather pores, arranged more regular.

General high-grade leather sofa using leather, leather by type is divided into brown leather and buffalo leather; according to the number of layers is divided into the first layer of skin, two layers of skin and three layers of skin; by origin is divided into domestic and imported leather; Europe's top layer of yellow leather quality is the best, in line with strict environmental requirements, high color fastness, leather sofa flexibility and good air permeability, high mechanical strength, especially tear strength and tensile strength; high-quality leather sofa must be selected The first layer of yellow leather.

The real cost of each leather sofa is equivalent to 10 cattle cowhide, high value, breathable and environmentally friendly performance, Europe and the United States and other developed countries generally use leather sofa, leather sofa the price is relatively high; the majority of enterprises on the market according to consumer needs But also the production and sale of semi-leather sofa, according to this classification, leather sofa is divided into full leather sofa and half leather sofa, half leather sofa is in the back of the sofa, leather sofa the bottom of the PU leather or artificial leather PVC instead of leather, the body directly contact parts still For the higher value of the leather, thereby reducing the cost of the sofa, more affordable.