Leather Leisure Sofa More Broad Market

- Aug 23, 2017-

Common sofa fabric is divided into: textile, leather, leather. Among them, artificial leather can be divided into PVC leather, PU leather, ultra-fiber and so on.

Among them, the ultra-fiber leather represents the highest level of leather products, Leather leisure sofa coupled with the production in recent years due to the increase in the price of ultra-fiber leather also continued to decline, which also for the use of ultra-fine leather to open a broader market.

On the other hand, the increasingly scarce leather resources, Leather leisure sofa increasing environmental requirements, the domestic small-scale leather processing plant gradually withdraw from the leather market, a greater degree of vacuum, an urgent need to replace the product to replace this market demand. Ultra-fiber leather as the best alternative is also quickly cut into the application of sofa fabric here, Leather leisure sofa especially in the past two years, ultra-fiber leather in the sofa and soft furniture such as bedside, pillow, leather stool and other applications of rapid increase.

Ultra-fiber leather sofa is a very good type of sofa, in many families to buy the sofa when the ultra-fiber leather sofa can be a very good choice, can give us a very good leisure and relaxation effect. Then the ultra-fiber skin sofa in the end what kind of advantages of the characteristics, only so loved it? Xiaobian today to come to tell you about this situation.

Ultra-fiber skin sofa stains good, Leather leisure sofa you can use water or household alcohol scrub, chemical resistance, acid, alkali, no smell, not mildew resistance to hydrolysis, light resistance is good, do not fade, environmental performance.

Superfine fiber physical and mechanical properties, and its tensile load, tear load, wear resistance and the same thickness of natural leather, hygroscopic permeability close to the effect of natural leather, soft and smooth, feel comfortable, the surface texture and natural leather Comparable to the shape of natural leather is better than the water does not shrink deformation; at the same time ultra-fiber also has a high utilization rate, Leather leisure sofa suitable for tailoring and other prominent features.

"Artificial leather synthetic leather information" magazine in the preparation of the 2016 China Superfiber Synthetic Leather Forum process, made a special trip in China's furniture business capital - Guangdong Shunde Longjiang town survey to understand the use of ultra-fiber leather sofa. It is understood that Guangdong Shunde as one of China's four major furniture production base, gathered at least 2,000 more than the furniture business. Leather leisure sofa According to the local leading ultra-fiber leather traders, soft furniture in the ultra-fiber leather for more than double the rate of growth every year.

In order to meet the needs of market development, Leather leisure sofa as the annual ultra-fiber leather forum, this year the site of Guangdong Shunde, aims to promote the furniture market for more understanding of ultra-fiber, and ultimately promote the application of ultra-fiber leather furniture in the sofa.

At present, the fifth session of China's ultra-fiber synthetic leather forum preparatory work is ready, this forum in addition to the preparation of cutting-edge ultra-fiber technology keynote speech, Leather leisure sofa such as Dingdao ultra-fiber spinning, Dyeing technology and equipment, ultra-fiber anhydrous dyeing technology, functional ultra-fiber development, Leather leisure sofa graphene enhanced microfiber leather, ultra-fiber after the film skin equipment, etc .; at the same time, will also organize guests to visit Shunde local leading furniture enterprises, Site observation of ultra-fiber leather in the sofa, bed and other furniture products in the practical application process.