L Shaped Sofa Different Sizes

- Aug 23, 2017-

The sofa is a family's daily resting commonly used furniture, and even can be said to be the focus of the family. While the living room layout is the key to the sofa arrangements. Therefore, regardless of the placement of the sofa, layout, or size must be a reasonable set.

Sofa is generally placed in the living room, the East four homes, L shaped sofa the sofa should be placed in the living room of the east, southeast, south and north of the four Geely position. On the West House, the sofa should be placed in the living room of the southwest, west, northwest and northeast of the four Geely position. If the same is the West four homes, but also sitting southwest, sitting west, L shaped sofa sitting northwest and sitting in the northeast of the points.

Home sofa to emphasize the principle of comfortable and comfortable, and the office furnishings and purpose is not the same, the living room sofa placed generally do not only can not watch the other side, when it comes to less interested or do not want to mention the topic , L shaped sofa Can also be easily removed from the line of sight, and will not appear impolite or even unexpected.

"L" type: "L" type suitable for a small area in the living room with audio-visual cabinet layout, generally placed in the diagonal corner of the sofa or furnishings directly opposite the sofa. "L" -type layout can take full advantage of the indoor space, but the corner of the body should not sit at the corner of the sofa, because this position will make people feel uncomfortable sitting, but also the lack of intimacy.

L-type sofa, with its strength, has been a lot of people recognized and loved. L shaped sofa We understand the L-type sofa, but most of the L-type sofa size is not much understanding and understanding.

 Different living room area needs to match the size of the sofa, on this point, our L-shaped sofa size or for consumers to consider very thoughtful, with different L-type sofa size. L shaped sofa A variety of L-shaped sofa size can avoid the sofa size is too large, the living room becomes crowded; also can avoid the sofa size is too small, so that the living room looks uncoordinated. Although our L-shaped sofa size is relatively diverse, but the L-type sofa size has a standard size, is a very common home decoration L-type sofa size, L shaped sofa that is: 2.2 meters and 1.8 meters.

L-type sofa size design is based on a lot, including the above mentioned living room size differences, but also includes the sofa style, ergonomic scale and many other aspects of the problem. But the L-type sofa design according to the size of the most important is the human scale. For example, L shaped sofa according to China's human body sitting on the average length of the thigh horizontal average: male 445MM, female 425MM, sitting on the front of the knee away from a certain distance: 60MM, L shaped sofa so the size of the L-shaped sofa sitting in the depth of 380-420 The