- Dec 30, 2017-

Leather sofa is made from leather, pig skin, horse skin, donkey skin and other animal skins. It has natural pores and texture. Leather sofa feels delicate and flexible, it is a symbol of high quality life. Some people say leather sofa is like a cup of wine, after the precipitation of time and the baptism of years, the more attractive intoxication. The characteristic that leather sofa is long used is the main reason that gets a lot of family to favor, but dermal sofa is in the maintenance is very much learned. Dr. Ma is here to share his knowledge of leather sofa maintenance. I hope to help you.

A, leather absorption is strong, should pay attention to prevent fouling, high-grade grind skin especially should pay attention. 

B, suggest once a week clean towel to dip in water to wring dry, repeated several times to gently wipe.

 C, if leather is stained with besmirch, usable clean wet polyurethane soft bubble or cotton cloth with sex lukewarm detergent gently wipe, then use dry towel gently wipe, let its natural air dry. You can try it in an inconspicuous corner before you use it. 

D. If you have a drink on leather, you should immediately use a clean cloth or polyurethane soft foam to soak it dry. Wipe it with a damp cloth and let it dry naturally. After drying the leather surface color may appear bleak, then, with dry towel wipe can restore normal luster. Do not blow dry with a blowpipe or place furniture in the sun. It will cause the leather to crack and fade.

E, if not careful to draw the ballpoint pen in the leather, as long as in the effective time with soft rubber gently wipe a few times, in the use of clean cotton cloth to wipe the trail. Do not use alcohol or other chemicals. F, if the grease, can be wiped clean with dry cloth, the remaining leaves will be left to dissipate, or wash with detergent, not scrubbing with water. 

G. You can't place leather furniture close to the radiator of the radiator, usually ensuring that the furniture and radiator and radiator can be at least 100 to 200CM.

H, leather furniture is put should avoid direct illuminate of sunshine, otherwise can cause leather to be cracked and drop color directly. Use a special leather protection cream from 2 to 4 times a year to remove moisture from the leather to maintain its soft sheen. 

I, want to make the leather glossy, do not use furniture polish, glazing oil, etc., can be a leather cleaning fluid () clean the leather, but can't use the clean and other components, don't use stain remover, solvents, turpentine oil, shoe polish, or strong detergents to clean the leather furniture.

、 J. If any holes are found, damaged or damaged, please contact professional service personnel.