Classic Sofa Highlight The High-end Elegant Taste

- Aug 23, 2017-

The living room is often the best place to reflect the owner of the taste and personality of the region, and the sofa as the most eye-catching living room furniture, living room atmosphere and style of the relationship is very close, and able to show the owner's unique taste. classic sofa The following Xiaobian for everyone to bring a Chinese crane furniture Athens series HT83S new sofa. User-friendly design and exquisite production process, enough to highlight the high-end elegant taste.

The new sofa with Uruguay imported rosewood, because of its wooden heart was rosy dark red named Rose wood straight round, scar joints, wood hard and irregular, classic sofa corrosion-resistant, anti-insects, not easy to warp, with good toughness, and easy processing, the paint, good bonding performance. Production of furniture texture clear and natural, smooth surface appearance, good skin contact texture. In the United States, classic sofa Europe and other developed countries and regions, rose wood has become the production of high-grade villas, high-grade furniture, solid wood cabinets, outdoor flooring, violin and other high-level instruments of fine wood, by the people of Europe and the United States, and gradually become Europe and the United States, classic sofa Australia and other developed Countries and regions of the most common furniture, home decoration materials, and developed into a popular home lifestyle. The internal material of the sofa adopts the popular standard springback memory, classic sofa the high elasticity of the first packing material, and the superior spring cushion of the texture to ensure the product life and the sitting feeling comfortable, the corners of the corners are subjected to high temperature sterilization, and the environmental health is guaranteed The And the sofa demolition is very free, easy to wash and wash.

The sofa is made of solid wood and fabric in the form of linear round, smooth, classic sofa very atmospheric atmosphere, ergonomic design and modern aesthetic needs. Cloth beige and solid wood amber brown tone integration, warm and noble, while both the sun-like warmth, with the family, and happiness particularly fit. In the details of the design, HT83S new sofa at the bottom is not completely contact with the ground, but from the ground is 5cm distance. This is to prevent the long-term contact with the sofa and the resulting wet, dust, etc., while easier to care, classic sofa the design is very user-friendly.

Sofa with a closed paint process, the biggest advantage is crystal clear, thin and not through, more to reflect the natural grain texture style advantage. So that the texture of the wood surface is very clear, without any attachments, showing a transparent, bright style and taste of the home environment, yet solid wood furniture is particularly thick, full of advantages, three-dimensional sense is very strong.

Coffee table is the living room with the sofa supporting the indispensable furniture. This series of coffee table design simple and generous, smooth lines, the table embedded in transparent glass, people feel more clean and fresh, classic sofa the middle of the special design of tea tray, easy to place ornaments or tea and other items, very warm. At the same time the overall design and sofa echoes, there is no sense of violation, classic sofa so that the whole living room design more harmonious unity, reflects the family harmony and warmth.

classic sofa High-quality materials, superb technology and user-friendly design, everywhere highlight the master's high-end grade, full of a warm and natural family atmosphere. Plus the perfect combination of coffee table, reflecting the living room as a whole unified support, a strong sense of harmony, in addition to taking into account the daily use and cleaning problems, is a both beautiful and the use of the sofa.