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The electric memory foam mattress is made of modern and relatively new materials. It has a very powerful decompression function. It can absorb and decompose human body pressure with its own unique characteristics. There are six sleep modes to meet the sleep requirements of different time periods. The body, the body and mind, the relaxation of the bones, the taste of life to the beauty, fully guarantee your sleep quality.

Product parameters

Model NO:



Spring Summer Winter Autumn



Delivery Time:

15~25 Days

Payment Terms:

30% Deposit, 70% Balance

Transport Package:

Roll Compressed, Flat Compressed



HS Code:


Advantage of Our Products:

One-button remote control

6 large sleep modes meet different sleep requirements

Electric memory mattress function

Product advantages:

The role of electric memory foam mattress:

1. High-grade jacquard knitted cotton to prevent allergies, insects and cockroaches;

2. Selected natural latex and high quality memory cotton, high elasticity and flexibility, skin-friendly touch;

3. The back legs are lowered, and the invisible force is to lengthen the bones and activate the tibia;

4. Raise your back legs, let the whole body relax, and properly relieve your stress;

5. The legs rise, effectively preventing leg numbness, blood tumors and leg pain;

6. The legs rise and promote blood circulation in the legs;

7. Adjust your back to 60 degrees, watch TV, read, listen to music, and enjoy yourself;

8. Raise the back 75 degrees to keep the body free of gravity;

9. Nursing the cervical spine to improve sleep quality;

10. The inside of the mattress is welded with steel structure to fully support the body;

11. Magical stop, enjoy a comfortable sleep;

12. Unique lifting design to help you take care of every family with limited mobility;

13. Free and versatile, with a variety of styles, easy to control a variety of style bed frames.

Electric memory mattress front

Electric memory mattress

Smart memory foam mattress

Model NO.:K012

Seasons:Spring Summer Winter Autumn


Delivery Time:15~25 Days

Payment Terms:30% Deposit, 70% Balance

Transport Package:Roll Compressed, Flat Compressed


HS Code:94041000

The advantages of our company:

1)We used one-stop factory production equipment.And we can also make foam,quilting,non-woven, ourselves.So,we can easy to control the quality and give you best quality and competitive price.

2)Classic, modern and unique styles to meet the need of all of you from different countries and regions.

3) Strict manufacturing and quality control management system to ensure our products meet the standards of all of you from home and abroad. 

4) Good material and skillful workers to make our product with good quality and elegant looking.

5) Products can be made according to your requirements. OEM is available! 

6) We give our customer a 15years warranty.

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