You need to know what is Microfiber Leather if you are selling sofa

- Aug 22, 2018-

    Microfiber leather full name is superfine fiber reinforced leather. It has extremely excellent wear resistance, excellent air permeability and aging resistance, soft and comfortable, strong flexibility and now advocated environmental protection effect.


    Super fiber leather is a kind of reborn leather, which feels softer than genuine leather. Super fiber leather belongs to a new type of high-grade leather developed in synthetic leather. It belongs to a new type of leather.


    Practice has proved that the microfiber leather can not replace is the excellent properties of natural leather, according to the analysis of market at home and abroad microfiber leather also has a large number of replacing the insufficient resources of natural leather Using microfiber leather do bags clothing shoes vehicles and furniture decoration, has increasingly get the affirmation of the market, the extent of its application, the great number of them, varieties, is a traditional natural leather can't meet