What is a waterproof mattress

- Jan 25, 2018-

Waterproof mattress, is to be able to waterproof mattresses, mattresses in the fabric with a layer of tarpaulin, or stitched, or added separately. Waterproof mattress waterproof breathable film is a natural water repellent material, each square inch has 9 billion holes, but each hole only 1/20000 of the water droplets, can completely block the rain and snow into the.
Waterproof mattress features: High breathability, comfort Features: Each hole can accommodate 700 water molecules through the sweat easily through the film steamed; Washable, soft light, foldable without wrinkle, the wind and rain, Both cooling function, elastic stretching; good candidate, environmental non-toxic, recyclable and decomposed.
Waterproof mattress categories: Home Care waterproof mattress, liquid impermeable surface and easy to wipe, long-term to keep the bed clean and sanitary, breathable, easy to clean and disinfect, odorless, comfortable and durable.
Size Advanced waterproof mattress, with strong absorbent, breathable, highly waterproof, ideal for newborn baby bedding. Stretch, bed-style design to meet a variety of height mattresses. Protect the mattress from being contaminated, providing a clean, hypoallergenic sleep environment.