Understand the benefits of the electric smart mattress lift function

- Jul 12, 2019-

Head and tail lifting function is a very important basic function of these various functions. Today, let's talk to you about the benefits that this feature can bring to people's sleep.

The smart mattress has an electric function called a back-legged lift. When people feel tired, they can relax and relax their pressure.

The function of the back of the smart mattress is mainly to improve the comfort of the back for reading, television, newspapers and magazines, Internet access, etc.

The function of the leg rise of the intelligent mattress is mainly to promote the circulation of the blood in the leg and relieve the pain of the leg.

Compared with medical use, the lifting function is more perfect and diversified. According to the ergonomics, five body segment joint points (that is, the bending points of the human body) are set on the bed frame. Through the remote control operation, the bed frame angle can be adjusted at will, the bending angle of various parts of the human body can be adapted, and the body posture can be freely adjusted. Reduce neck pressure, sit up, lie back or just raise your legs to promote blood circulation. Its intelligent electric bed adopts three intelligent control modes: iPad/iPone/remote control, which is more convenient to use and more convenient to operate.

In fact, the head and tail lift is also the forerunner to open the intelligent mattress, because people always hope to use the spare time to "compensate" the physical emptiness and meet their own needs after working every day. Therefore, having the ability to perceive the human body structure and bring benefits to the human body is a head-to-tail lifting function of human-computer interaction.