The selection and purchase method of the folding mattress

- Feb 05, 2018-

The folding mattress is a kind of mattress with folding function made from stuffing. In mattress production, usually the foldable mattress is made of latex, environment-friendly cotton, 3D material, sponge, palm and other materials. Because of the different material properties, there are large differences in terms of price, latex, environmental protection cotton, 3D materials are generally used in the production of high-grade folding mattresses, mattress of this type of portable lightweight, durable, comfortable softness and lasting resilience, ensure the user's comfort and health.

Selection techniques

Select the mattress from the following aspects:

Color: pay attention to the color is not your favorite, bedroom mattress color recommended light color (warm color), warm color easier to let people fall asleep.

Appearance: look at the bed mattress corner is sharp and clear, whether the uniform thickness, smooth surface, beautiful symmetry line.

Elastic: there is no best, only the most suitable, choose suitable for soft hardness of their folding mattress asleep only comfort, because of different time. The use of environmentally friendly cotton folding mattress suitable for children is hard, young people can choose Latex Mattress Comfort high, because of environmental protection cotton folding mattress body suitable for special moderate hardness in the elderly, suitable for the use of breathable 3D folding mattress good summer winter, suitable for high density, warm and good environmental protection cotton folding mattress.