spring mattress Durable

- Aug 23, 2017-

Put aside these do not talk, as most of us choose the spring mattress, in use to pay attention to what? How about maintenance?

First, do not use some electrical appliances and smoke on the mattress, so as not to accidentally dirty or burn the mattress, if life accidentally sprinkled on the mattress tea or drink and other liquids, should immediately use a dry towel or paper Forced to squeeze dry.

Second, regular flip: the new mattress need to regularly flip, so you can avoid the mattress of the local pressure load is too large, in the daily use of the beginning of use, every two weeks the mattress up and down or adjust the first time, Five or six months later, every three months to adjust once, spring mattress so that the mattress can be the location of the force evenly to keep the mattress elastic balance, durable.

Third, for the pocket spring mattress to avoid heavy pressure on the edge of the mattress, or jump on the mattress, so as to avoid a single point of force caused by damage to the spring, resulting in uneven mattress mattress caused by depression.

Fourth, do not often sit on the edge of the bed,spring mattress because the mattress of the four corners of the most fragile, long bedside in the bed, easy to protect the edge of the spring.

5, to keep clean: the use of mattresses also need to pay attention to daily cleaning, bed mats should be put on the bed, and regularly with a vacuum cleaner to clean up the mattress dirt and so clean, to avoid moisture, water damage to the mattress, Make it more comfortable to use. For the wet can use the home dehumidifier, spring mattress so that the mattress can be dry, keep clean to achieve the purpose of extending the service life.

Six, to avoid sun exposure, extend the mattress to use the comfort, while some of the mattress handle is only decorative effect, move carefully when the fall off.

Spring soft mattress is daily durable consumer goods, spring mattress product use cycle is longer, and the use of a long time each day. At the same time, the quality of the product is related to the health of the user's health, therefore, consumers should pay attention to the following points in the purchase:

1. To a certain size of the regular furniture professional shopping malls to buy regular brand products, to issue a formal invoice, and ask for product manual and warranty card.

2. Mattress fabric to have a certain thickness and strength, spring mattress mattress surface to be full of symmetry, fabric suture should be no broken, jump needle, floating line and so on, mattress around the seam should be straight and smooth.

3. Free to press the pad, hand feel soft and hard moderate, spring mattress and no spring friction sound, rebound should be good, no depression phenomenon.

4. Mattress around the observation mouth or zipper, you can look at the lining material, the liner material should be clean and no smell, the high temperature molding (hot melt), spring mattress disinfection and other process, feel dry.

5. Mattresses should be used to keep the fabric surface clean; spring mattress should be used regularly to keep the mattress uniform compression, and play to keep the mattress dry role.