simple sofa Durable

- Aug 23, 2017-

Solid wood sofas are made of pure natural wood. Is a kind of solid wood that does not hurt the human body, many parents will consider what kind of sofa when the sofa is suitable for children, buy solid wood to do the sofa, because the sofa is green and no pollution, for children also play a protective role The So the production is also relatively high requirements, the first is the selection of wood, since the furniture to do to be fine and perfect, simple sofa so the wood to choose old wood, after the production will have a touch of wood flavor.

Good sofa also need a comfortable cushion, the requirements in the cushion can not be ignored, good sofa coupled with a good cushion can improve the overall appearance, with a small series to understand, there are a large number of people like retro sofa, so will the Sofa production is very retro, simple sofa so that there are mood, of course, with the cushion should also meet the feeling of retro, it is only the appearance of the aesthetic, of course, there are meticulous material selection and thickness of the choice.

Solid wood sofa cushion selection requirements, simple sofa the thickness of the cushion can not be too thin (too thin, then the quality is not good), to choose the appropriate post-production. Solid wood fabric sofa cushion selection also has a lot of attention, fabric sofa to choose a good fabric, if you do not choose a good fabric after the stains stained with bad, then simply easy to afford.

In the purchase of fabric sofa, the first step is to determine the sofa fabric. Fabric sofa according to the material are divided into: cotton sofa, flannel sofa, simple sofa linen sofa, blended sofa, leather cloth combined with the sofa. Fabric sofa fabric variety, in the purchase to distinguish their own home is more suitable for which one. Such as linen fabric durable, easy to clean, velvet fabric will have to choose high-end, it is not easy to shed fluff.

After determining the fabric, the second step is to check the sofa frame is solid, observe the sofa frame back, side, handrail each joint has been fixed with glue and screws. Second, simple sofa may wish to shake the frame around hand to see if there is shaking or abnormal sound. Finally look at the sofa connection structure, if the internal frame assembly is no problem, then the sofa frame on the identification of finished it!

Fabric sofa comfort "three by the surface, seven by filling", buy the third step can be hand to the sofa armrest and back, if you can clearly press the wooden frame, simple sofa indicating that the set of sofa filler density is not high , Flexibility is not good enough. Easy to be pressed by the sofa will also be used in the future to accelerate the use of the sofa cloth wear, reduce the life of the sofa.

Touch the pillow inside the pillow and fill the contents of the sofa to lift the bottom of the sofa to see whether the details of the sofa legs are straight, simple sofa the sofa leg surface treatment is smooth, the bottom of the leg whether there is anti-skid pad and so on. A high quality sofa will also be fine in the detail section.