palm mattress Softness and elasticity

- Aug 23, 2017-

1, see glial

Palm mattresses are coconut palm and mountain brown two, only in the material of the hard and soft points, the quality gap is not, each mountain brown pad thickness of at least 4 cm. Distinguish the quality of brown mattress mainly to see the use of plastic. High quality mattresses are made of natural latex adhesives, palm mattress  and poor quality is the use of chemical adhesives, there will be an unpleasant taste.

2, look at the appearance

Look mattress appearance is thick and thin, smooth surface, palm mattress  line marks symmetry beautiful, but also depends on mattress whether the certificate, etc., to ensure the purchase of the palm mattress is the best quality.

3, look at the price

According to the specifications and thickness of the division, the price of palm mattress from 400 yuan to 1,100 yuan and 2,500 yuan, less than the price of the above price is difficult to guarantee.

4, look at the thickness

With nearly two years of technical improvements, coconut palm mattress can also make different elastic mattresses. Size and thickness can be customized according to customer requirements.

5, hardness

Palm mattress is too hard or too soft, will lead to the spine and its surrounding soft tissue too squeezed or distorted, hinder the normal flow of blood, so in the choice of time to pay attention to its hardness, to see is not suitable for their own.

The advantages of palm mattress are natural, soft and hard moderate, affordable, but the degree of durability is poor, easy to collapse deformation, poor supporting performance, palm mattress  maintenance is not easy to eat or moldy.

Select the mattress of several points: 1, select the mattress of the hardness and flexibility.

Old people, children and waist problems should choose to add hard or full coconut palm mattress; middle-aged choose ordinary type; young people can choose soft type, but often to participate in physical exercise, or the next day there will be a sense of fatigue The

2, choose the mattress of raw materials.

The appearance of the mattress is only happy. palm mattress  Simmons production is not high-tech, the factory process is basically the same. The quality of the mattress depends on the quality of the raw material, and the mattress made of good material must be durable.

3, mattress brand.

Mattress should be all produced in mainland China, non-local brand is how the matter, self-evident. The region's mattress retail market does have a few brand names, if you can not get sure, you can consider choosing them, so fool the risk may be smaller, but the well-known reasons, do not care too high prices.

1, do not always sit on the edge of the bed. Because the mattress of the four corners is the most vulnerable place, if you long-term sitting on the edge of the bed, easy to protect the edge of the spring damage.

2, should use the quality of the better bed sheets. palm mattress  Not only to be able to sweat, but also to be able to maintain the cleanliness of the cloth.

3, keep clean. To clean the palm mattress with a vacuum cleaner on a regular basis, be careful not to wash directly with water or detergent. At the same time, palm mattress  but also to avoid the bath or sweat when lying on the top immediately, not to use the electrical appliances in bed or smoking.

4, regular flip. New mattress in the purchase of the first year of use, 2-3 months look like the mattress can be reconciled to turn over, so that the mattress can be evenly on the surface of the force, in order to extend the life of the palm mattress.

5, do not use the bed sheets, mattress stretched too tight, so as not to plug the mattress to the blocked, so likely to cause the air can not flow within the mattress, but also easy to breed bacteria, but also to avoid the use of sharp instruments or tools Such as sharp tools to scratch the fabric.