leather sofa Leather texture and appearance

- Aug 23, 2017-

Leather fabric there is a classification method is according to the leather texture and appearance points: there are all green skin, leather sofa semi-green skin, embossed leather, crack skin four, the former a general high price, but the quality; and then two, relatively cheap Used by the average family.

1, all blue skin

All green leather, also known as full grain leather, it is made of fine raw materials, less disability, leather surface to retain the intact natural state. Full green skin coating is thin, can show the skin of the natural pattern of the United States, wear, breathability is good; full green skin is directly from the blue warm skin made of dyeing, refused to too many chemicals, so the skin can be clearly See the fine pores, leather sofa realism, excellent ventilation.

The price of the whole skin is the most expensive in the cortical species, but you are not in the tannery of the complex process and chemical materials, but in the quality of the skin, high-grade all-skin and ordinary skin is different: Skin embryo must be selected captive, and after castration of the bull, leather sofa because the bull tissue fiber structure is more intact, and the larger, the most important is captive, so that the leather surface scar less, this is the production of high-grade Leather on the election. leather sofa Followed by the manufacturing side, so that the overall effect of more noble and elegant. So full of skin can only be imported, China can not do such a process!

2, half blue skin

Semi-blue leather, also known as the second layer of skin, refers to the original skin that is the whole skin after the peel off the thick layer of the skin, the relative Quanqingpi, leather sofa the scar and the gadfly more, need to be properly polished as a sofa skin. Because of the semi-green leather finished sofa real sense of still, perception, texture and comfort are better, so it is also leather in the top grade, leather sofa but the price of semi-green skin than the whole green leather sofa is also a lot cheaper, is the choice of most consumers.

3, embossed skin

Embossed skin is also part of the semi-green skin, that is, leather sofa after the original skin peeled off a thin layer of semi-green skin. This type of batch of scar is heavier, gadfly eye deep, need to be deep grinding and then selected for the sofa with the skin. Because the skin surface perception and texture is poor, in order to make up for this deficiency, most of the process to be embossed, leather sofa hand gently pressed semi-green skin and embossed skin, there are more folds, but its rich colors, changing style, easy to pick The

4, crack skin

Crack skin is also a semi-blue skin, the surface of this skin is almost no flaws, the use of high, but the texture of rigid, poor ventilation, hand touch the surface of leather, leather sofa there is a very clear wax texture, coating is very thick, ordinary Sofa are selected such materials, it was called wax leather. Its characteristics are: texture and feel hard, because the manual processing more, leather sofa so the appearance of feeling no too many flaws, but the appearance of artificial traces is more obvious, slightly less natural, affordable.