Leather living room sofa Timely and regular cleaning

- Aug 23, 2017-

Outdoor heat wave rolling, indoor air conditioning cool breeze, summer is already coming. A hot one cold, dry and a tide, which the leather slightly "fragile" leather high-end sofa, is undoubtedly a very significant disaster.

Because of continuous high temperature, Leather living room sofa once the home in the poor ventilation, can easily lead to high-grade leather leather leather and other leather products abruptly mildew, Leather living room sofa ranging from discoloration, while the grain is caused by crisp and rotten.

The most effective solution is to keep it in a dry environment to keep the ventilation, to avoid exposure, and the surface of the dirt carried out in a timely and regular cleaning.

Once the mold does not panic, you can use the cortical sofa to restore the repair of its injured parts to fill, serious, then you can call the professional repair staff on the high-grade leather mold mildew patch.

Leather sofa for the living room to add a lot of noble, Leather living room sofa elegant, it is important to maintain, if used for a long time, improper maintenance will fade, old, loss of luster, so that the lack of ductility of the leather deformation of the sofa.

First of all to ensure that the indoor ventilation, Leather living room sofa too dry or wet will accelerate the aging of leather.

Second, the leather sofa should not be placed directly to the sun, the direct sunlight will make colored leather surface fade; do not put directly on the air-conditioning place, this will make the leather hardened.

Summer leather pores will absorb sweat, high temperature and humidity will make the sweat of organic matter and leather chemical reaction, to wipe with a tidal wipe. In the sofa, Leather living room sofa can not use alkaline cleaning fluid, which will make the leather soft down, long-term use will be fissure.

A), with a soft cloth to wipe the leather surface of the dust;

 B), let the leather eat a meal of leather soft care agent, so that the leather will get the most effective care - so that the skin to restore the beautiful: soft, moist, plump, Leather living room sofa waterproof, mechanical strength (such as tensile strength, tear strength , Grain crack strength, etc.) greatly increased. This is the best for leather, and when cleaning, it will be more efficient. Leather living room sofa If you use a bad leather cleaner, but also make the leather hardened.

C), until the care agent naturally dry (such as the first night painted, the next day began to clean), the leather detergent shake; the cleaning agent sprayed on the leather surface; similar to the toothbrush, laundry brush and other large Brush, brush to the dirt off, do not make the bristles bent, or less than the pores on the brush, the dirt on the pores is difficult to clean and clean. On the gap, Leather living room sofa you have to wipe along the gap. Hard brush will not hurt the skin, please rest assured, because the cleaning agent has a lubricating effect.

 D), with a clean soft cloth will be dirt recovery.