Leather leisure sofa Coordination effect

- Aug 23, 2017-

The choice of the sofa and the living room atmosphere, Leather leisure sofa taste, style of the relationship is very close, as the living room the most eye-catching large furniture, should be with the ceiling, walls, floors, doors and windows color style unity, to achieve the effect of coordination. The sofa as a large furniture in the living room, with the creation of the entire space style of great significance.

Painted with black lacquered wooden skeleton, Leather leisure sofa with a white cushion, two contrasting strong color to bring visual impact. Calm texture adjustment of the surrounding home decorations jump color, making the entire space lively but yet orderly.

The brightly colored fabric accessories in the living room provide lively spring for the living room. And this cotton sofa is the best material to carry bright colors, Leather leisure sofa and its soft texture can naturally resolve the color of the visual stimulation, so that the space is more passionate and emotional.

The combination of wood and white looks very pure, in the window layout of such a quiet rest area, immediately for you to create a leisurely reading of the corner, and soft colors and sense of space is also more comfortable and comfortable.

Bright white sofa placed in pairs in the living room, fabric material to make the whole space more casual. Wild pure white and different styles of home accessories fit higher, Leather leisure sofa you can create a simple and bright living room space.

The traditional single sofa, modeling Dunhou, exposure to them, the body of the various parts will be moderate support, excellent comfort, through the transformation of different patterns and colors of cloth by the package, for home to bring different temperament.

Lengthened cushion to create a strong tension, but also for the afternoon to add more comfortable and comfortable.

To pale blue as the background, Leather leisure sofa white flowers dotted with a pure feeling. Retro high back shape, and solid wood texture of the furniture together to create a unique visual experience.

Lines slightly rounded sofa with tropical green leaves pattern, with a very strong sense of presence.

Leather sofa at the edge of the decorative elements are rivets, showing a rough wild wind. With the same old color of the flower case by the package, let it fade the original wild, more to retain the intriguing sense of maturity.

Rattan wood is a affinity of the furniture material, rattan prepared sofa to add a bit of art space. Leather leisure sofa This section of the shape of the leisure sofa is also very special, Leather leisure sofa effectively breaking the monotonous sense of space, so that the space becomes more lively and interesting.