Latex mattress maintenance tips

- Feb 01, 2018-

1, Some people will be used to drying mattresses, but for latex mattresses, we do not recommend, because the sun often aging latex products, resulting in the surface powder.
2, Latex product collection: not pressure, do not put in wet space.
3, If consumers use vacuum bags to collect products, try not to store more than six months, when removed if you find the product can not reply to the prototype, just place one or two days, the product can self-rebound.
4, Natural latex is very delicate, with the sun and air will be oxidized, the color gradually yellow, is a normal phenomenon, will not affect the use of results.
5, Latex mattress Do not put in wet space, to keep the space dry and ventilated.
6, If there is stains, then soap and water finishing or cleaning, do not use strong acid or alkali cleaning agent, to avoid damage to the appearance. Wipe clean and put in ventilated place, can be used after a few days.
7, Latex mattresses without frequent cleaning, with a cleaning pad, usually only need to clean the cleaning pad.
8, If there is a small area of dirt, only need to use a wet towel to put in ventilated place, a few hours later you can use latex mattress