latex mattress How to buy

- Aug 23, 2017-

Have to admit that with the continuous development of science and technology, people pursue the pace of health has never stopped, in order to have better quality of sleep, people began to improve the mattress requirements, and latex mattress is the most consumed in many mattresses One of the types of mattresses favored; latex mattress it has thousands of honeycomb stomata, more air than other fibers. The main reason is because the latex mattress used when the natural latex made of latex raw materials, natural latex has better compliance and resilience, latex mattress can ideally support the body.

In Europe, people found to be able to eliminate fatigue sleep, must use natural bedding, in order to provide continuous support and soft feeling, so every year millions of Europeans buy pure natural latex made bedding. Latex mattress is the mainstream of the world's top advanced bedding. Natural latex mattress prices according to the density and thickness of different, the price is not the same, in the thousands - tens of thousands between. Some latex mattresses also contain formaldehyde, the main reason is the individual production enterprises to save costs, use itself with formaldehyde over the fabric, sponge for bedding, or excessive increase in mattress strength and hardness, blindly add a lot of Adhesives, formaldehyde from the adhesive in the continuous release, resulting in excessive formaldehyde. So, in the face of dazzling mattress varieties, we have to learn how to buy a good mattress, and the way to maintain it!

1, to experience the experience; in order to identify the mattress is good elasticity, mattress can be purchased with a knee or foot pressure test bed, or sit in the corner, latex mattress try the pressure mattress is very Fast to restore the status quo. A good good elastic mattress, pressure can be restored immediately after the original!

2, the purchase of mattress, the hand touch is not enough to identify the mattress is good or bad, the most reliable method of identification is to lie down around the flip, a good mattress, absolutely no rugged, edge subsidence or lined with the phenomenon of movement. When you sleep on a mattress, you can keep your spine in a natural stretch,

3, soft and hard moderate; too hard mattress because people will be oppressed by the blood circulation obstruction, will promote the body old, and the mattress is too soft will make the weight of the human body can not balance the support and stay bent hump Sequelae. Therefore, a good mattress is the most urgent need for people to protect the spine!

4, smell the smell; when you smell the irritating gas, latex mattress this mattress is likely to contain excessive formaldehyde!

5, hand mattress, feel it is too soft or too hard, how resilient? And then hand pressure to see whether the tight and powerful, but also try to use the surface layer of material, see how to feel; hand touch the mattress, dry or moist, the surface is smooth, with or without a sense of rough; In the mattress around the four corners, hand gently press to see if these corners have a certain flexibility, latex mattress hard to listen to listen: qualified spring in the flapping under the elastic good, and slightly uniform spring song; rust, poor spring in the squeeze Pressed down often issued a "crunchy, crunchy" noise!

6, to understand the business floor mattress material, to understand whether they will have allergic reactions to latex, see the enterprise within the validity of the environmental testing report, latex mattress to look for the production unit provided by the use of instructions in the safety and health indicators (Mattress toxic and harmful release, etc.), important technical performance (durability and other parameters, the implementation of standards and factory name, site) and so on!

7, select the source of the material reputable brand, latex mattress so as to make you choose the quality of latex mattress to be guaranteed!