L shaped sofa Very particular about

- Aug 23, 2017-

In general, we see the size of the sofa is not big, L shaped sofa the first thing to note is its length. So what about the length of the L-shaped sofa? As mentioned above, the length of our L-shaped sofa has a standard value, which is 2.2 meters and 1.8 meters. Of course, this is only the L-type sofa size in the length of a standard value, it is still changing, there are small size L-type sofa size, there are large-size L-type sofa size. So, you do not have to worry about the L-shaped sofa size does not have a value for your living room.

Having finished the length of the L-shaped sofa, let's take a look at the height of the sitting surface and the depth of the sitting surface. If there is no handrail, L-type sofa size of the sitting height of about 36-42 cm; if you add a high handrail, L-type sofa height of about 1 meter in height. L-type sofa size of the sitting depth is generally about 48-60 cm, because too deep will be oppressed by the human body calf; too shallow, it will feel sit still. Therefore, L-type sofa size is considered comprehensive, in strict accordance with the human scale to design and manufacture, and worthy of your possession!

There are many forms of sofa placed, L-shaped sofa is one of the placed in one of the form. L-shaped sofa placed, seemingly simple, but very particular about, which has a lot of skills can learn. Mastered these methods, so that our living room can achieve particularly good visual effects.

L-type sofa placed, it can be called corners of the form of the sofa is placed in a common form, generally suitable for more stylish home design, you can make the space to be fully utilized. L-type sofa placed, you can use multiple or single sofa combination into a corner, you can also use a special L-type sofa placed. Moreover, the L-type sofa placed with a removable, changeable, according to the need to change the layout, so that your living room is always full of freshness, allowing you to experience the relaxed home life.

L-shaped sofa is placed in modern fashion display form, to make your living room stylish and beautiful, play a very good decorative effect. Especially in the modern urban life, people are in the pursuit of fashion trends, if not keep up with the trend of the times, we OUT. And our L-shaped sofa placed in the form, it is suitable for more stylish home design. So, we have the L-type sofa placed skills, get L-type sofa placed, just minutes of things.

L-type sofa placed, as the name suggests, is to put the sofa into "L" type. First of all, we introduce the first L-type sofa placed skills - 3 +2. "3 + 2" is to use a three-person sofa and a double sofa to be placed, you can according to your living room decoration design, choose the appropriate placement. For example, the three-person sofa can be placed in the direction of the longer side of the living room, the double sofa can be placed on the shorter side of the living room. To do so, will not make the L-type sofa display looks more crowded or uncoordinated situation.