How to pick a good palm mattress

- Jan 22, 2018-

It is everyone's wish to have a good sleep every day. But because some people did not choose the mattress, it will be sleepless sleep. Mattresses that are too soft or too hard are uncomfortable. Then choose a suitable palm mattress it, moderate hardness and natural, breathable, toughness is very strong. Suitable for a variety of human sleep. Here's to introduce how to choose palm mattress.
1, Smell the smell
The current palm mattress market, there are coconut palm and palm two. They are only hard and soft in the material points, the quality gap is not large. Good quality palm mattress adhesive is pure natural cotton, in line with national environmental standards. The poor use of chemical adhesives, so the mattress will have a serious taste. Not only does not improve the quality of sleep, but also affect physical and mental health. So when you buy a brown mattress must smell it smell.
2, Breathable
The breathability of the mattress to a great extent affect the health and comfort of sleep, so breathable function is very important. Breathability and water permeability of the mattress, winter bedding can be dry and loose, summer is conducive to heat, to achieve more warm winter and cool fruit.
3, The thickness of the mattress
With a certain thickness to ensure the support of the mattress itself, in order to achieve human comfort requirements. Mattresses are too thin and lose their elasticity. The thicker the mattress, the better the elasticity and softness, the more comfortable the human body feels.