How to choose a spring mattress

- Jan 30, 2018-

1, Fabric quality. Spring mattress fabric to have a certain texture and thickness, the industry standard provisions of the fabric per square meter weight greater than or equal 60 grams; fabric printing and dyeing patterns symmetry; fabric sewing needle without breaking, jumping needles, floating lines and other defects.
2, Making quality. The inherent quality of the spring mattress is very important for the use, the choice should be checked around the mattress is straight and smooth; padded cover is well-proportioned, no sense of relaxation fabric; force hand pressing pressure pad surface 2-3 times, Feel the feeling of moderate hardness soft and hard, and a certain degree of resilience, such as the appearance of depression uneven phenomenon, indicating the quality of mattresses spring steel wire poor, the other should not feel the spring friction noise; if the mattress around There are mesh openings or zipper device, then open to check whether the internal spring rust; Mattress mattress material is clean and odor-free, bedding material commonly used mat, brown, chemical fiber (cotton) felt, shall not be used Materials made of recycled materials, or bamboo shells, straw, rattan wire and other processed mat as a mattress padding material, the use of these padding material will affect physical and mental health and service life.
3, Size requirements. Spring mattress width is generally divided into single and double: single specifications for 800mm ~ 1200mm; double specifications for the 1350mm ~ 1800mm; length specifications for 1900mm ~ 2100mm; product size deviation is defined as plus or minus 10mm