how to buy sofa cushion

- Jun 13, 2019-

1. Measure the width of sofa cushion

It is generally recommended to have the lower hem of 20. Hem not only beautiful, but also to protect the edge of the sofa. For sofa with 50 marks, choose the sofa cushions with 70 marks. For sofa with 55-75 marks, select the series with 90 marks.

2. Measure the length of sofa cushion

Follow the principle of "buy with a large quantity, buy with a small quantity". With respect to the length of 170 products, the products with 180 products can stand with more rigidly.

3. Measure the size of the back of the sofa

Generally, square MATS are used as backrest towels; if the width of each backrest is less than 70, select 70*70 as backrest towels. If it is more than 70, select 90*90cm.