Do you really know what is Functional Sofa

- Jan 07, 2018-

Functional sofa is to point to have a variety of function sofa. Is the most common functional sofa: cent two kinds, one kind of: stretching is manual function, manual also can shake and rotate function sofa, still have a kind of: is stretching the electric function, electric can also bring shake and rotate the two functions, using a built-in lithium electricity power supply can solve the alloy frame in roll or rotate to the problem of the power cord.

Fabrics of choose and buy

1) leatherWechatIMG1371511426023_.pic.jpg

Leather is noble, eternal raw material, soft as caress. Select the world's best leather, combine traditional craft with the latest technology, environmental health. The soft, smooth leather sustains their natural character. It creates an elegant atmosphere.

(2) the micro fiberA70B.jpg

Soft touch, amazing protective properties... The selected microfiber products are newly developed fabrics. It is very easy to meet the needs of maintenance and anti-wear and anti-wear.

(3) fabric6807#.jpg

The selected fabrics are soft and comfortable, good wear resistance and long color. All fabrics through strict inspection, full of thick cotton products or snow neal velvet, not shrink, not faded, and make appropriate fire prevention, waterproof, dustproof and anti-static technologies such as processing, stereo sense is strong, yarn content is much, wear-resisting more than one hundred thousand times.

Electric function sofa, the light touch button can sit position and lie down position stretch, the whole process electric control, and can stay in any position.

Folding manual control function sofa

Manual function sofa, next to touch touch button can lie down in the sitting position and stretching, can promote blood circulation, good health, allowing you to fully relax, really sigh you a day of work pressure.

Folding electric booster chair

The old series, can back and forth, automatically extend, helped increase, standing, this old man can easily from the sofa become warped lay a effortlessly stand, at the same time help the old man sit lie easily from the standing pos