Cloth sofa set to choose and buy three big skills, you choose the right?

- Feb 02, 2018-

Cloth sofa cover buying skills:

Skill one, sofa cover color

The choice of fabric sofa sets to choose color according to the living room decoration style, some can choose red and orange Festival, simple and fresh wind can choose blue, green, pastoral romance can choose small Suihua and so on, want to put the house into what style is to select a suitable color.

Skill two, sofa cover material

Good soft cloth will be comfortable to sit up, so the sofa covers the material as far as possible to choose soft and comfortable fabric, also if it is to wash frequently sofa sets to choose easy cleaning cloth, some dirty cloth is not easy after cleaning, it should pay attention to avoid.

Skill three, the size of the sofa cover

Sofa is set in the sofa outside, so the size of the above must be according to the size of the sofa to choose, can choose small, so with sofa sofa sets does not move or tight, comfortable to sit, look neat and clean.