classic sofa To achieve efficient and comfortable

- Aug 23, 2017-

The sofa is the soul of the living room, regardless of what the function of the living room, classic sofa the theme of the sofa is essential furniture, solid frame, tight and flexible filling and flawless pressure line is to ensure the durability of the sofa is an important factor, Sitting depth, back slope, armrest height will affect the comfort of the sofa.

Commonly used in the French Louis XIV style living room, compact design, formal and full of three-dimensional, you can reveal the curve of the wooden frame and other soft bag sofa in stark contrast

Slipper is characterized by no handrails, soft package part of the compact fit, looks smooth lines, light and modern. It is not as comfortable as other sofas for a long time, classic sofa but it is very suitable for small space.

From the 19th century British design, with a compact cut line, up to the back, outward curled handrails and nail details. Cortex of Chesterfield rough bold, classic sofa bright wool style is very neo-classical, and linen texture is more refined and elegant. But no matter what fabric, choose pure color can be kept without its original flavor.

70 years of leisure design, very suitable for open loft housing design, almost no need to add other sofa or seat, the bottom of the closed design slightly stable, and the design of the sofa feet more light and simple.

Tuxedo sofa decoration design master Billy Baldwin's classic, completely without wrinkle design but still exudes a sense of luxury, handrails and back exactly the same height, classic sofa giving a strong sense of roughness. Whether it is modern or classical style, Tuxedo sofa can be wild in any style.

"Sofa" is a foreign word, according to the English word sofa transliteration. For a multi-seat chair with cushions. Equipped with spring or thick foam, such as the backrest chair, both sides of the handrail, is a kind of software furniture. The origins of the sofa can be traced back to ancient Egypt around 2000 BC, but the true meaning of the soft package sofa appeared in the late sixteenth century to the early seventeenth century. At that time the sofa mainly with horse mane, poultry feathers, plant villi and other natural elastic material as a filler, outside with velvet, embroidery and other fabrics masked to form a soft body contact surface. classic sofa Farthingle chairs, popular in Europe, were one of the earliest sofa chairs. Review of China's sofa history, to devaluation of the Han Dynasty "jade". "Xijing Miscellanies" depicted in the thick layer of fabric with a "jade", can be seen as the Chinese sofa "ancestors."

In the design, the classic sofa designer in the design of the classic sofa height, taking full account of the principles of ergonomic, taking into account the user sitting on the classic sofa feel, as far as possible to achieve efficient and comfortable relaxation, rest. classic sofa Designers in the design of the classic sofa, in addition to the classic classic sofa with everyone for the rest of the function, but also has to reflect and enhance the quality of their environment, and at a certain level can highlight the user's taste and honor. Most of the classic sofa is now simple, classic sofa generous and elegant design style to design. In the classic sofa design instructions must pay attention to the classic sofa angular, clear lines, highlight the tension, classic sofa strong sense of the times.

The number of brands on the market sofa, buy the sofa when the priority to consider the big brand of the sofa to buy, the more famous sofa brand IKEA, Gu, Qu Mei, etc., they produce the quality of the furniture are Guaranteed, and after-sales service is first class.